Client Area

Dr. ChiversPlease take some time and peruse our quarterly “Meows” letters. Each newsletter features an “Ask the Vet” section, where Dr. Chivers answers questions about various treatments, and illnesses. We are sure you will find plenty of informative tidbits about feline health and behaviour.

Are you going to become a new client of Garden City Cat Hospital? Feel free to print out this new client information sheet, and fill in your information. Then, bring the completed sheet with you to your first office visit, and hand it in to our Client Services Representative. Prefer to fax it? Simply fax the completed sheet to us at (905) 646-5121. We look forward to serving you, and to building a relationship
with you and your cat.

Is your feline looking a little portly? The truth is that many people do not know how much to feed their cats nor do they realize the benefits and cost-savings of feeding a prescription cat food. Did you know that prescription cat foods are nearly 100% digestible (unlike pet store brands), which means that you need to feed much less in order for your cat to get the nutrition that he/she needs. And of course, there is much less waste, which means a cleaner, more manageable litter box. Furthermore, by feeding less, the bag lasts longer—that means a long-term savings for you.

Dr. Chivers strongly recommends that all cats eat a prescription cat food, and he would like to speak with you about your cat’s eating habits. Please print out these weight-loss sheets, and fill in your cat’s information. Then, schedule a nutritional consultation with Dr. Chivers, and he will get you started on the road to better health. Overweight cats become members of GCCH’s “Chub Club”, and are monitored on an on-going basis. Clients of our hospital are welcome to bring their cat in anytime for a free weigh-in, where our technician will record the current weight and note any changes.